We recognize the importance of interpersonal skills and “emotional intelligence” to both personal and career success. We have been co-leading exciting, challenging and fun personal development groups for more than 35 years. It’s a special environment where everyone learns from everyone else, and where the opportunities to acquire the skills for intimate, authentic communication are unrivaled. These high functioning co-ed groups consist of the two of us as co-leaders and about six participants: men and women, matched by issues, life stage and educational level. The group's acceptance, over time, can heal the many attachment wounds so common among people with difficult relationship histories. e.g. adult children of divorce, alcoholism, or other unstable home environments. Creating a secure attachment with the group becomes a powerful stepping stone to creating a secure and lasting attachment with a significant other.  For shy or socially anxious individuals, or us introverts, group provides a safe and powerful opportunity to find your voice and stand up and make your life matter!

     Depending on your unique needs and goals other benefits may include:

        Overcoming the burden of low self-esteem

        Establishing your appropriate boundaries

        Forming a clear & confident identity

        Living your deepest values & principles

        Solving problems & developing skills for healthy, happy living

        Creating both intimacy & independence in your romantic relationships

        Discovering & establishing a committed career direction

        Managing your thinking, moods, & behavior

        Learning excellent communication skills

        Alleviating social anxiety & resolving self-defeating behaviors

        Experiencing the joy of teamwork & a supportive community

        Developing more passion, courage, & commitment

        Growing trust in yourself, others and in life

    INDIVIDUALS: Alternatively, the above goals can be part of individual work, and we are happy to work individually with those of you who want more personal attention or cannot attend a bimonthly evening group. Our long experience enables us to fit our work to each person’s needs, and we would be happy to speak with you about how we might approach your particular issues. For many people, the coaching model, where we take a very proactive, encouraging, and educational role, works best. Since therapist/client fit is crucial to your success, we gladly offer a free initial telephone consult, the opportunity to review our curriculums vitae, as well as specific feedback forms after each session to closely monitor the developing therapeutic relationship and thus insure that we are the right person for you.

    Since there are two of us and we are involved in a full-service practice, we have greater flexibility in finding the best fit, method and cost to do the needed therapeutic work. We use a very thorough, over 40 page intake history, which is a cost and time saving step and helps us identify biological, psychological and interpersonal factors. It also clarifies strengths and problem areas, and helps us design treatment plans and make appropriate referrals, if needed. We understand that sometimes biological or medical issues need to be handled concurrently, as they can be major contributing factors to life and relationship problems. Most people find comfort in this level of thoroughness and appreciate their life issues being addressed from multiple viewpoints.

    We accept a number of insurance plans for issues considered “medical necessity”. where your fiscal responsibility consists of paying your deductible and your copays. We also accept direct pay, where it is applicable for an “Out of Network” provider, or from those who do not wish to involve their insurers. Evening hours, telephone, and long distance sessions via Skype are also available. We work in our warm, comfortable, very private home office, where your confidentiality is assured.  Let’s talk!


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Relationships define our lives and our happiness. If you are a couple and your relationship is hurting, we can help. If you are single and want better relationships,

come join one of our co-ed personal development groups.