I and my husband and colleague, S. John McDonald, M.A., LMHC, served on the Executive Board of the Seattle Counselors Association and also on the Advisory Board of the Puget Sound Group Psychotherapy Association. We work in close collaboration with specialists in medicine and other related fields on our clients behalf and share a special interest in integrating the care of the mind and body with the social and spiritual factors in our client’s lives. 

     S. John McDonald M.A., LMHC is a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Couples Therapist, Consultant, Group & Seminar Leader, now primarily serving the needs of Individuals interested in personal growth and development especially via our Personal Development Groups.  He is a graduate of the University of Washington with post graduate training there and at Antioch University West earning an M.A. Degree in Counseling Psychology. He was counselor, psychometrician and educator on the staff of the Washington Institute of Neurosciences from 1982-1989. His counseling experience spans over 30 years and includes a wide variety of methods and training. (Extensive Curriculum Vitae available upon request).

Statement of therapeutic values and philosophy

   We consider therapy as "sacred dialogue" and feel privileged in the opportunity to deeply explore the issues faced by each unique individual, couple, or family. We know that a safe, non-judgmental, trusting, honest and supportive atmosphere is crucial to achieving this in-depth exploration. We are open to sharing our own life process when relevant, since we do not perceive ourselves as fundamentally different from those we counsel. However, we do acknowledge our considerable background and practical skills as human problem-solvers, care givers and coordinators, and facilitators of our clients’ healing and personal growth.

    We work from an integrated, multi-lens viewpoint and tailor our care to each person’s unique needs. We believe responsible care must include the biological, psychological, social, occupational, and environmental perspectives. We see human suffering as having multiple causes and therefore offer therapy that is comprehensive and multi-disciplinary. The stages may include: 1) recovery 2) maintenance 3) prevention 4) personal growth and development.  Most short-term, problem-solving therapy falls into the first three categories, with longer term issues like trauma recovery, attachment & relationship healing and character development generally taking place in the fourth stage. We offer both short and long term therapies. Group is especially good for long term healing work. We are happy to speak with you about your personal goals for therapy.

    We have always worked closely with physicians and other health care professionals who are dedicated to including the brain and body in the evaluation and treatment of "mental health" problems and problems of living. We strongly believe that a basic understanding of medical issues in mental health care is an ethical requirement for all counselors. There are far too many cases where the source of behavioral, mental, emotional or interpersonal problems is in the brain or body and is not treatable by psychological means alone, but only in conjunction with proper medical care. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary medical team for seven years has made us aware, that there are many conditions, which would render counseling ineffective without concurrent medical treatment.

  We believe in the natural tendency of the well functioning brain and healthy personality for lifelong development. Therefore, our aim is to assist in healing each individual’s brain, mind, body and relationships, in order to fully empower them to creatively address their life's tasks and problems. This aim is often reached through our fitting use of skill, compassionate wisdom and the support of a healing community, which we see as essential for optimal wellness. Through our work as psychotherapists we hope to help build the foundation for the highest achievement of each person's life: the full ownership and enjoyment of, and the responsibility for that life, filled with wellbeing, contribution, and connection. Let’s Talk!

Love   ~   Work   ~   Service   ~   Knowledge   ~   Wisdom

    Agnés J. Forrás, LMHC, has been in private practice since 1965 and is a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Her work now focuses on Group Therapy primarily.  She is also a highly experienced Seminar Leader and Consultant, leading over 350 weekend seminars. She graduated from Seattle University with post graduate education at the University of Washington and is involved in ongoing consultation and training in her areas of special interest.  She is co-founder and former director of the Washington Institute of Neurosciences and served on its Board for 7 years. Her counseling experience spans over 40 years and includes most major methodologies with a particular interest in Existential issues.  (Extensive Curriculum Vitae is available upon request).